Sustainable Management

As global service provider we embrace our responsibility towards sustainable management.

Through our global solutions we develop and maintain Lean & Green programs through and with our customers.

Supporting the industry direct we are vertical integrated bring solutions supplier base to end user.

Less is More

Aprojects developed a redesign of the global packaging design on project equipment for a Forbes 500 listed company.  By rethinking the type of products, use of packing materials and changing of designs, a massive reduction on the carbon footprint.

After training the customer and the entire supply chain, the program was globally implemented reducing the overall used packing material by 35%.

Driven front-to-end IT solutions

By developing our “Digital Global Footprint”, all our offices throughout the world are able to use our performant ERP/WHS system on a multi-level platform across all our systems.

Herewith we are digitalizing a vast majority of documents or hard cop documentation.

This platform is being embraced by all our staff from blue to white collar.